Fashion brand ‘Allthingsfi’ has just launched its new sustainable collection for 2020. The collection includes women’s basics and accessories.

Label founder Fiona Mehmet said, “For the new sustainable collection, we wanted to see our vision come to life, oversee the process, know the people behind the creation and ensure we were involved in the production process, so it was a clear snip that we’d keep manufacturing in Brisbane. At Allthingsfi we know who, when, where and how our sustainable collections are made. From the seams that hold our timeless pieces together to the packaging that arrives at your doorstep, our ethical and sustainable supply chain is carefully thought out one thread at a time,” she said.

“With over 30 years experience and the highest quality workmanship, we entrusted our social enterprise manufacturers, Mantua Sewing, to create our minimalist multifaceted outfits. Their tenure to train and employ refugee women, enabling them to build a life here in Australia, helps us create change through fashion with every garment made. In turn, we reap the rewards with beautifully made womenswear that makes a difference. Empowering our customers to purchase with purpose.

“Building a sustainable brand is not a quick fix, business in a box, or an easy set up.  It takes time, hard work and late nights, however the differences and impact we can make together is real. Keeping manufacturing here in Brisbane has allowed Allthingsfi to be enriched with quality connections built along the way. Indelible relationships have been formed with our pattern maker and founder, like two peas in a pod,” Fi said.

“We enjoy seeing these women finding their strengths and creating their own roles, affording them with purpose and drive every day. Check out the new collection and remember to purchase with purpose.”

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