If there is one craze that can boast a history of stardom in the foodie scene, it is the grazing table. Between baked cheese wheels, blushing charcuterie and shimmering honeycomb, it is a tasty trend — and one that catering company My Alter Ego has mastered.

A company formed with boundless passion and creativity, My Alter Ego is a joint effort between Mediterranean pair Emmanuel Diacos and Jorge Kokoris and their dedicated team of caterers who pioneer innovative appetisers for all occasions. From a mishmash of tartly sweet technicolour fruit, to timber boards lined with high tea worthy finger sandwiches, the boys have turned the humble cheese board into a fully-fledged meal.

Both restaurateurs cemented their careers in hospitality as franchisees of local cafes in West End and inner city Brisbane, with Jorge inheriting a sense for business from a family rooted in the industry. But the pair took a step back two years ago from the cafés that ignited their flare for food to focus solely on their new culinary venture. “We wanted it to be a little side project for us, to keep it secret … it was to be our Alter Ego,” confessed Emmanuel. “Food is something that our friends and family have always known us for, however we wanted to start this new venture from the ground up and start fresh.”

What began as a corporate catering company blossomed into the grazing hub it is today when the pair created an extraordinary snack table for a family event. “We saw an open market and started small. Uptake was very quick, starting with corporate catering, then we did a grazing table for my daughter’s birthday party. From there, we threw the idea out there, and now we can do anywhere up to 15 metres of graze per week, fairly easily.” But as Emmanuel confesses, the plating skill is left up to Jorge’s careful hands. “He’s got the woman’s touch!” Emmanuel chuckles.
Now commanders and masters of the foolproof one-handed morsel, the two Greeks are fervent about creating the perfect addition to an event. “We are always on the lookout for new ways of designing the tables to incorporate something cool and unique. The spontaneity and creativity is why we love our job.”

And there is a lot to love about Alter Ego, aside from its deli feasts and cracking spreads. Together, the dynamic duo scour local markets and work with nearby farmers to source local produce. Their aim is to support other small business owners, giving back to those who welcomed them with open arms to the community. “West End has always been a part of us since we were kids. Our support is a form of respect and trust that reverberates throughout the community.”

As for the secret behind what makes their grazing tables some of the best in the business, Emmanuel’s words of advice are simple — “No space is to be left unfilled.”

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