Steps away from the hustle and bustle of West End’s main street is Brisbane’s newest Chinese Bistro which is aesthetically tucked away in a Queenslander Cottage on Browning Street.

More than just food, Bao’s Pop Bistro is on a mission to bring people together, put cultural differences aside, and enjoy their fusion-based flavours, craft beer and integration of culture design. Launching last Thursday, the bistro represents Chinese Culture with a twist. As the name suggests, BAO is the soul of the bistro being a classic representation of traditional Chinese cuisine. The word POP is because the Bistro integrates modern, interesting and lively environmental concepts into the food and services to create a combination of dining and cultural experience.

Bao’s Pop Bistro introduces traditional and interesting Chinese culture to people with different cultural backgrounds specifically through infusion style food, services, and atmosphere. It displays traditional Chinese culture and etiquette, bringing cultural and regional differences closer. Share plate style dining enables you to experience different tastes in traditional Chinese spirit of sharing.

Alcoholic drinks are essential to a bistro. Craft beer and specialty beer are the main options here, but are everchanging with creative combinations of seasonal flavours. Whether it is a traditional lager or a delicious ale, various fermentations will give you a unique tasting experience. Niche wine is another essence of Bao’s Pop Bistro. Carefully picked from boutique wineries with selective grape varieties, the bistro aims to offer a special tasting experience at reasonable prices. It is a must-try for wine lovers.

By combining different ingredients, cooking styles and hospitality, the team at Bao’s Pop Bistro is committed to enrich the dining experience of their customers. The team wish for every meal to be enjoyed with deep and unforgettable satisfaction.

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