Barko & Co. has opened at The Garden Pantry in West Village and is a sustainably-minded café, focused on showcasing healthy alternatives to every favourite breakfast option as well as innovative food & drink products with a social conscious.

Barko & Co. boasts organic coffee that supports micro-producers in Colombia. Imported directly by their parent company Mr Coffees, this allows them to maintain transparency in their operation from correct pricing for farmers to shipping/storing timeframes from harvest to cup! Ensuring the only the freshest products are served!

Not only will you be able to get a great coffee, Barko & Co. offers a menu full of classic breakfast, lunch and dinner staples along with a selection of cocktails in the evenings.

For those looking for a snack on the go, the mindful treats section of Barko & Co.’s menu has you covered with Coffee Fruit Bars, made with the upcycled by-product of coffee production by Raex’s sister Vanessa. With a range of flavours to choose from like Cocoa & Nuts (like a brownie, but better) or pair your regular coffee order with the Espresso & Peanut Butter snack for an extra kick.

Visit The Garden Pantry today! Barko & Co is open daily from 7am to 9:30pm.