Famed futurists and best-selling authors Chunka Mui, Paul Carroll and Tim Andrews have written a new book A Brief History of a Perfect Future: Inventing the world we can proudly leave to our kids by 2050, which looks at how we can literally create our future, available on 21 September.

Rather than predict the future, they want to invent a perfect future including universal access to water, clean energy, a new focus on climate change, and America’s infrastructure. The renowned authors provide individuals, organizations, and governments with practical tools to write their own futures. 

The book paints visions of how the world could look if we all start planning now and experimenting our way toward taking full advantage of the technological marvels that will be available. The authors describe seven technological building blocks that will be available to all of us in 2050. These building blocks in clean energy, water, computing, communication, information, genomics and transportation follow what the authors have dubbed the Laws of Zero.

They have spent decades working separately and together on some of the most challenging problems of the world’s largest organizations and most mission-critical governmental agencies. They have written a total of eight books, including Unleashing the Killer App, Big Blues, and Billion-Dollar Lessons. Now, they are applying their experience and talents to an even more important topic: the futures of their kids and yours.

Chunka Mui is a futurist who explores opportunities and challenges at the intersection of innovation, technology, and society. He is a co-founder and innovation advisor at the Future Histories Group, specializing in helping organizations design and stress test innovation strategies to make the world better. He is the best-selling author of four books on strategy and innovation along with co-author Paul Carroll. The Wall Street Journal named his first book Unleashing the Killer App one of the five best books on business and the Internet.

Paul Carroll has been a renowned journalist for decades while pushing business strategy and innovation. He was a reporter and editor at the Wall Street Journal for 17 years, where he wrote about information technology. The WSJ nominated him twice for the Pulitzer Prize. He spent seven years as a partner at Diamond Management & Technology Consultants, which pioneered the idea of digital strategy beginning in the 1990s.

Tim Andrews is a leader of consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton, providing strategy and organizational design, analytics, technology, and cybersecurity services for commercial companies and federal agencies. His areas of expertise include emerging technologies, IT transformation, IT architecture, IT operations, data science, cybersecurity, and health IT. His primary focus is helping Booz Allen leaders and clients understand critical emerging technologies’ operational advantages and pitfalls.

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