The global pandemic has made it more timely than ever to give back to the disadvantaged during National Volunteer Week this year. Stories of kindness and the resilience of the human spirit have been plentiful lately, with Brisbane Distillery Co. proudly being amongst those to offer support.

The struggles of disadvantaged Australians prompted Brisbane Distillery to donate 500 litres of hand sanitiser to a select group of charities. Having swapped gin for sanitisers, Brisbane Distillery already manufactures sanitisers for federal and state police, ambulance and fire services, and is now working to ensure that Australians in need have access to them for free.

The selected recipients are OzHarvest, Orange Sky Laundry and Micah Projects. “We wanted to collaborate with fighting poverty and homelessness, but also establishing meaningful connections with people experiencing difficulties in such challenging times,” saids Distillery owner Jon Atherton.

OzHarvest is Australia’s leading food rescue charity, diverting excess food from commercial businesses and delivering to emergency relief programs, neighbourhood centres, school breakfast programs and domestic violence shelters. “Because of the generous size of this donation, OzHarvest will be distributing the hand sanitiser amongst our network of 130 charities in Brisbane,” says OzHarvest’s Michaela Windsor.

In response to the donation, Fiona Hodges at Orange Sky Laundry said, “All donations of health and safety materials such as hand sanitisers are so greatly appreciated by our team.” Orange Sky Laundry is the world’s first free mobile laundry and shower service for people experiencing homelessness. They provide access to free washing, drying facilities, and showers through custom fitted vans, processing more than 1.50 tonnes of free laundry every week.

The third recipient organisation is West End based Micah Projects, which engages with people experiencing adversity due to poverty, homelessness, mental illness, domestic violence, disability and all forms of discrimination and ensures the immediate needs of individuals and families are met.

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