The latest movie of The Conjuring franchise, The Devil Made Me Do It, comes with fresh scares and a new director, Michael Chaves, who had to continue James Wan’s already compelling horror aesthetic.

The result was surprisingly good. After two Conjuring and three Anabelle movies, you would expect that there would not be much new to say or offer in terms of scares. The Devil Made Me Do It found a way to keep it classic and on-brand while also changing the plot to make it more exciting and engage old and new viewers.

The Devil Made Me Do It is beautifully shot and benefits from really nice editing and the effective use of music; without spoiling too much, I can say I will never listen to Call Me by Blondie in the same way. The story comes with a slightly different plot to the previous films in the franchise, adding a couple of side plotlines to the main one without losing focus of the main story. Another new element to engage with the viewers is a different paranormal event. This time the movie focuses on witchcraft and how it affects three other people who do not seem to be connected in any way.

The Conjuring franchise has found a way to keep their story fresh and relevant instead of relying on the same old plots without losing its classic horror movie charm. We get to see Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson as the Warrens with their usual endearing chemistry, and we have a new set of characters based on an alleged true story. Overall, all the small details connect nicely to make The Devil Made Me Do It works with an excellent synergy that proves that the classic horror formula is still as effective as ever.

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It, from 3 June, Rated R, 112 minutes.

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