Charitable organisation Gift of Music is collecting instrument donations to deliver to schools in the Maranoa district when the Brisbane Regional Youth Orchestra visits the region in June. Gift of Music was created to provide musical resources for rural schools who otherwise do not have access to instruments.

It is their belief that every student in the country should benefit from the same advantages music presents in a child’s education. Studies show the positive influence playing a musical instrument has on a student’s learning outcomes. Not only does it expand a child’s artistic ability, but experimenting with instruments can also help with coordination and responsibility skills.

Every child undertaking an education in Australia should be presented with the same possibilities in terms of educational resources – this is why Gift of Music’s mission is crucial to stabilise a healthy educational level throughout the nation. Give a second life to that forgotten violin or that dusty clarinet and feel the positive change. To find out more about Rural Aid’s project to bring instruments to rural schools or to make a donation visit the Gift of Music website.

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