Hosted by Roxane Valier-Brasier, independent podcast Go Simone offers a female perspective on environmental topics, such as climate change, energy transition, circular economy, women empowerment and eco-feminism, including sustainable agriculture or degrowth. Representing the power of giving a voice to women who may otherwise remain unheard, the name ‘Go Simone’ is a tribute to two French female change makers, never afraid to speak up: writer and activist Simone de Beauvoir, and lawyer and politician Simone Veil.

“I wanted to give a voice to the numerous women who are proposing innovative ideas to tackle climate change, but whose ideas often remain unknown. Go Simone aims to amplify, disseminate and inspire so that more people realise the urgency of our current climate crisis and act on it. Primarily impacted by climate change, women must be in the forefront of this global challenge,” Roxane said.

Each episode, Roxane meets with female thought-leaders in this space, and uncovers how these inspiring women make meaning of the world around them. This provides a blue-print to change our own way of thinking on environmental topics, providing an impetus and a sense of urgency to act on climate change. Go Simone’s first episode features Cle-Anne Gabriel, lecturer and researcher at The University of Queensland, on degrowth and futures and wellbeing economies. Already available is a second episode, highlighting entrepreneur Sabrina Chakori’s Brisbane Tool library, her ideas on the importance of a sharing economy, and the re-creating of vibrant and resilient communities.