For the past decade, research on the teenage brain has been expanding. Neuroscience research indicates that schools should be seriously considering adolescent brain development, and how teachers can best support teenage students at the various stages of brain development to learn and strive for success.

So, how to boost wellbeing in the classroom and in school environment for young adults?

IES College, Spring Hill’s new independent, secular and co-educational senior high school offering the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme for year 11 and 12 students, has answered that question with their holistic approach to learning in a smaller boutique schooling environment where each and every student is encouraged to reach their full potential, feel safe and supported.  Sleep is one of the key components to student wellbeing. Research has demonstrated that teenagers thrive best in environment where the importance of sleep, nutrition, exercise and self-care is recognised. IES College wants our students to be mentally alert for their classes each day, and though the school campus is open from 8am – 6pm each day, classes don’t start until 9.30am, IES College understands that in a teenage body, melatonin doesn’t switch on until late at night and consequently falls later in the morning and that is why teenagers end up sleepy at school. So if you thought your teenagers were becoming lazy as they reached puberty, think again – they simply need that extra sleep in the morning to be the best version of themselves during their school day!

Adolescence is an exciting time for teenager to increase independence and begin to look forward to their lives beyond high school. Teenagers undergo many changes, both emotional and physical, even cognitive changes. It is important to allow students to appreciate themselves and their individualities. IES College has diversity and inclusion at its core and diversity comes in many forms, from race, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation, socioeconomic background, culture and more. Being exposed to diversity, students gain a broader perspective, grow an acceptance of others and learn the skills to communicate with people from a broad range of Backgrounds preparing them for life beyond school and their immediate communities for the wider world. IES College doesn’t just talk about diversity and inclusion; it lives, breathes it and lead by example.  Our teachers and professional staff are multilingual and multicultural. Students can also access virtual global classrooms to learn and collaborate with students from around the world. For students for whom English isn’t their first language, IES College gives them the opportunity to maintain their mother tongue language, ensuring there is support and resources available to maintain connection to language and culture.

IES College, as an IB World School, offers the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP). The IBDP curriculum holistically develops the whole student – balancing academic subjects with student led personal development through the CAS programme of creativity, activity and service and an individual research project which prepares students for university level study, all part of strengthening the students’ skills as responsible, independent learners.

In the IBDP, students learn to collaborate, work in teams, and confidently communicate their ideas to each other. They learn to think critically and creatively, navigate uncertainties and take measured risks as they embrace diversity with a global mindset. These concepts are at the very core of the IBDP and will help students develop a broader life view, preparing them for success.

In a world that is experiencing profound change, society needs more internationally minded people. The IB Diploma Programme at IES College will prepare culturally competent young people with the skills and values to create positive change in the world.

Full scholarships for students entering year 11 in 2021 are available. These scholarships include: Academic scholarships (test date is Saturday 17 October 2020), Diversity scholarships and United against COVID-19 scholarships. Enrolments are now open for Year 11, 2021. IES College is located at 495 Boundary Street in Spring Hill. For more information visit IES College website or book a school tour at 

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