KIN Architects has completed the transformation of a former West End nightclub space into a workplace “jungle” for technology company, Scrunch. The fit-out introduces pocket parks to the open plan warehouse allowing Scrunch to accommodate daily office activities and after dark events in the same multi-purpose space.

KIN Directors Marjorie Dixon and Leah Gallagher, as well as their clients, were determined to acknowledge the history of the HiFi live music venue. Gardens are dotted throughout the open floor plan, creating loosely defined areas for working and collaborating.

“The interior had to impress potential investors and also offer a point of difference to competitors,” Marjorie says. While the natural landscape helps to identify spaces for different teams within the one office space, it also boosts wellbeing. “Scrunch are very aware that people dedicate a lot of time to their work lives and they wanted people to feel comfortable, content and be able to bring dogs to their workplace.”

Catering for multiple working scenarios, KIN delivered workspaces of varying scales and character. “We wanted to create small pockets of space within the large volume for staff to take quiet calls or breakaway,” Leah says. Other spaces like the foam pit bring a sense of fun and whimsy to the workday. “Surprisingly the foam pit is used daily,” Marjorie says. “It’s easy to take your laptop in and use the screens for meetings in a more relaxed setting.”

After dark, the workspace transforms. “Scrunch holds large networking events and conferences so we designed the desks to roll under the stage,” Marjorie says. “The terraces allow for tiered viewing of the stage in a way that is comfortable for large crowds. So event mode works really well for them!”

Keen to work in a cost effective and environmentally responsible way, construction materials were also recycled wherever possible.

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