Monty Compost Co officially launched at Scrunch. in West End on June 3 with an event attended by investors, co-creators, engineers, designers and software developers who were part of the development of this startup that Ashley Baxter imagined and went on to create.

During the launch party, the guests heard the story behind Monty Compost Co from Ashley herself. So what is Monty Compost Co? It is a device designed for people who are into composting or want to get into composting. You put the device into your compost and it measures the different components of your compost. All this complex data is translated by the Monty app, into simple instructions for the user on how to manage their compost, giving instructions like adding water. 

At the launch, there was a demonstration of the device, named Monty, its accompanying app and the different targeted audiences that the company is looking to acquire. During the event, Ashley discussed how sustainability was her passion and unknowingly, it ended up inspiring her to create Monty Compost Co later on. “I studied Business Management and IT, but I knew immediately that I didn’t like that, all of those things left, and the only thing that stayed was my passion for sustainability,” she said.

Ashley got into composting after reading the book, The Coming Famine. After participating in startup workshops and in competitions for seed funding, she finally developed Monty Compost Co with Clandestine Design Group and Josephmark, who helped her realise her goal. The event included a preview of the coming campaign for the pre-sale of Monty Compost Co. The message was hopeful as investors and developers see in the near future a product that could change the course of sustainability and how we manage our organic waste globally. 

The event was a success, and certainly, Monty Compost Co is an innovative product designed to make us think about how we can get involved in composting for the greater good.

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