Breast Care Awareness Month is your opportunity to step up and positively impact the lives of women with breast cancer, and every irreplaceable woman in your life. Let your actions do the talking this October! It’s time to make a difference for the superwomen living with breast cancer.

Mater Chicks in Pink are encouraging everyone to register today to host a Breasties Brunch! “It’s easy, it’s fun and we want YOU to be part of it!,” said Fundraising Manager Marg Wilson. “This is the perfect opportunity for you to host a brunch (or any type of get-together) and make a profound impact.”

“Your `Breasties Brunch” can be as fabulously unique and one-of-a-kind as every one of your breasties. Brunch, lunch, high-tea, cocktail party – you do your Breasties Brunch, your way. Or, if hosting a brunch isn’t your jam, check out our 1 of 7 ways to fundraise this October—for the 1 in 7 women diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime.

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