Indian-born designer Sruti Jindal has launched her first collection Pearls of Banaras, an ethically made clothing label combining Indian heritage with elements of Australia’s relaxed outdoor lifestyle in a 10 piece collection.

Jindal’s first collection aims to capture the essence of a free spirited, bohemian way of life, not dissimilar to her wanderlust nature. As a little girl, the designer enjoyed exploring new places and embracing cultures outside of her tribe.

“When you’re travelling between countries, you realize there are some perfect moments where our differences become our similarities,” she said.

The shape and design of the collection was inspired by the Sydney Opera House hulls which reminded Jindal of the Banaras in India.

Banaras, more commonly known as Varanasi, is a city in India on the banks of the Ganges in the Uttar Pradesh state of North India.

The patterns on the stone steps feature in the Collection through chevron, triangles, diamonds and stripes, which imitate the architectural works of two very different cities.

All clothing in the collection is ethically sourced, ethically made and hand finished in the SJ studio in India for a touch of authenticity.

Each item takes a great deal of time and care to manufacture as the weaves change and the patterns are in short supply.

Pearls of Banaras focuses on the sensual feminine form and playful silhouettes using natural fabrics that flow and breathe in the hot Australia landscape.

Sruti launched her collection on Tuesday 20 February at The New Garde.

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