Vera Haddock made her dream of combining high technology with fashion elegance a reality in May this year. With the opening of her new studio VERAS, she has changed the game of how companies video and photograph their fashion and products.

Her passion for photography and fashion started at a young age. Haddock was always playing dress up and taking photos for her friends at social events. She said that for a long time she was trying to be a designer.

“I was involved in Brisbane Fashion Week a few years ago and I would look at the work of my competition and I didn’t think I was strong enough.” But she did not give up on her dream of creating beauty in the fashion world. Haddock kept pursuing her love for photography and it led her to Germany where she encountered StyleShoots, which was demonstrating its Live Machine. “It was an accident, but it was something that I was looking for for a long time because it is that combination of my passions, fashion and photography.”

Veraswith the help of the amazing StyleShoots Live Machine, lets clients shoot both video and stills of their product in a fast and efficient way. Haddock said every part of a photoshoot can be done simultaneously. Using the iPad on the machine, clients can move the camera, shoot images, and transfer easily between electronic devices. “At the end of the shoot, all the images have been uploaded; that’s how easy it is. There is no work left over for tomorrow. Tomorrow, clients are focusing on a different project.”

As a creative person, Haddock appreciates a creative environment in which to work. She cites this as one of the many reasons she loves West End. Her beautiful studio, located in the heart of West Village on Boundary Street, is decorate in Haddock’s own unique style. With details inspired by her fashion idols like Chanel and Dior, Haddock said she could not see herself working in a traditional photography studio. “I am spending every weekend here! It is my second home, I love it!”

With well-known brands already coming to VERASHaddock is eager to continue growing. She is most excited to launch their newest video feature which can not only be used for products and fashion but for models to photograph and promote themselves. She said they are only just starting to introduce this offer but it will be so much fun. “We are reaching out to dance and gymnastics schools, personal trainers, model agencies, product companies who want to differentiate themselves. And that’s why I’m excited because everyday we are finding more niches to work in; that excites me.”

Haddock says her studio offers endless possibilities, limited only by the client’s imagination and what can fit through the door. Clients can choose a Do-It-Yourself service where they operate the machine after a brief free tutorial or a full service where everything is done for them.

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