Bringing some Dr Seuss themed fun to the Sunshine State, Carnival Cruise Line and the Children’s Hospital Foundation, hosted Queensland Children’s Hospital patients and families onboard Carnival Luminosa for a special Green Eggs and Ham Breakfast.

With The Cat in the Hat, Thing 1 and Thing 2, all were invited onboard the ship red and blue. Green Eggs were enjoyed, with both kids and their parents enjoying themselves. There was singing and dancing, by crew and by waiters, but the kids were by far the best fun creators.

Carnival Cruise Line VP, Kara Glamore also presented Children’s Hospital Foundation CEO, Lyndsey Rice with a giant cheque for $34,245. The money raised is the cumulative efforts of the brand’s Conga for Kids events during Carnival’s first-ever Brisbane season. This figure bring the total funds raised so far to almost 45 thousand dollars.

Lyndsey Rice said, “We are so thankful for the generosity of Carnival Cruise Line and their passengers. The donation will help us continue to fund ground-breaking research, vital new equipment and support and entertainment for sick kids and their families. Laughter and fun can be the best medicine, and today is a fantastic opportunity for kids to step away from the hospital environment and just be kids.”

Kara Glamore specifically thanked Carnival Cruise Line’s Queensland guests. “Although we’ve been sailing from Queensland for only five months, locals have welcomed Carnival Luminosa with open arms, delivering an incredible inaugural season. Aboard every cruise of over seven days, we host our Conga for Kids event and our guests haven’t hesitated to support the Children’s Hospital Foundation.

“Luminosa will soon set sail for her summer season in the US and we can’t wait to welcome her back this October to offer Queenslanders even more fun holidays at sea.”

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