Rian Johnson’s latest all-start murder mystery pays homage to Agatha Christie style stories along with a delightfully humorous twist. Daniel Craig, Jamie Lee Curtis, Chris Evans and more star in this film.

Knives Out is Rian Johnson’s entertainingly nasty and twisty murder mystery. The film has a large style family, whose patriarch – a wealthy novelist – living in a country house, is found dead, the night of his 85th birthday, the only night where the entire family, grandchildren included, had been in the country house.

This calls for Daniel Craig, playing Detective Blanc, to mysteriously turn up at their door to grill an all-star line-up of suspects. All claiming to love their patriarch, who in some ways had been providing them with financial support. The lead characters are played by Christopher Plummer, Jamie Lee Curtis, Don Johnson, Michael Shannon, Toni Collette, Katharine Langford, Chris Evans, and Jaeden Martell – who do justice to their individual roles and that of a a dysfunctional family. Knives Out builds on the tropes of a Christie plot, an ostentatious wealthy family, colourful characters and suspects with loud personalities and a shrewd detective played by Daniel Craig who “doesn’t eliminate any suspects”.

The movie majorly uses Ana De Armas’ character Martha (nurse and confidant to the dead novelist) as the principal aide to the detectives. She has the weirdest quirk. She can’t tell a lie without vomiting. Detective Blanc is ostensibly the film’s hero, but Marta is the heart of the movie. She plays an otherwise easily dismissed character, but trust Johnson to put her at the heart of the film. What we have is a fourth level murder mystery, with everyone anticipating the next twist and turn. Johnson has added a large amount of humour and gusto along with lively and funny family shenanigans.

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