Since their beginnings in 2017, the TyreStock team have made leaps and bounds in tyre innovation. Famed for their expeditious fittings, TyreStock have disrupted the tyre industry by guaranteeing tyre delivery in two hours, otherwise the tyres are free. After TyreStock’s short stint in the industry, co-founders William and Elodie Amiot decided to look into more sustainable approaches to the tyre lifecycle.

With our great, winding roads, there is no surprise that Australian road users burn through a lot of rubber. However hearing that 56 million tyres are exported, dumped or stockpiled each year, is shocking. Surprisingly, only ten percent of these old, used, and worn out tyres are recycled in Australia each year. Upon hearing this devastating statistic, the co-founders knew that it was time for change. Now, the pair have implemented a unique tracking system to ensure tyres are recycled correctly. The system allows for environmental transparency, as currently 10,000 tyres have been tracked from the moment they left the vehicle to arriving at the recycling plant. 

Thanks to their innovation in sustainability, TyreStock won the 2019 Lord Mayor’s Yurika Award for Environmental Sustainability in Business on October 18. Elodie and William are honoured and extremely proud to receive the award. “It is such an honour to be part of this fabulous event and be recognised for our environmental and sustainable vision,” the couple announced after the event. William Amiot is now recognised as an innovator and keen contributor to the ongoing Australian tyre recycling discussion. The founders’ driving force has consistently been to empower those less fortunate through their program Tyres for Good.’Since January, the program has donated to impoverished the world over, and has supplied clean drinking water to Ethiopian families, and life saving medical support to Tanzanian youth. 

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