What Makes Fiji Such A Popular Travel Destination

In recent years Fiji has become a popular bucket list travel hotspot. Still, is a trip to Fiji worth the journey beyond the white sand beaches and crystal clear waters? What else can you expect to find in this tropical paradise? Fiji is an archipelago of more than three hundred spectacular islands. Often considered by many as “Heaven on Earth” thanks to the serene and dreamlike landscapes that are well-kept by locals, There are countless reasons why Fiji remains at the top of many travellers’ bucket lists.

With far more than just a beach holiday to look forward to, you can be sure that there is something for every type of traveller to enjoy in this beautiful island nation. There are also a wealth of accommodation options for you to choose from, from luxury beach huts to treetop homes and modern hotels like the Intercontinental Fiji. With so many different options on offer, you’ll be sure to find a home away from home that will help to make your time in Fiki extra special. 

Let’s take a look at just some of the things that you can look forward to on your next trip to Fiji. 

Culinary Delights

While foodie destinations are often synonymous with larger countries, this chain of islands is home to some of the freshest seafood, fruits, and spices that you will find anywhere. The abundance of freshwater gives way to American influences of citrus and ceviche. While the spices showcase south Asian flare with coconut milk, chillies, and curry flavours akin to Indian food feature regularly. 

The local drink Kava now popular among younger westerners, is made from the root of the plant. The bittersweet flavour is said to be good for the soul. Partaking in a kava drinking ceremony straight out of a coconut is a traditional Fujian experience you may wish to try. From seaside shacks to modern treetop restaurants and bars, there is some incredible food to look forward to during your time on these islands. 

Natural Beauty

Fiji is famous for its luscious and expansive environment and is certainly not just limited to beaches. Rainforests, waterfalls, rock pools, caves, and island hopping all offer amazing sights and opportunities for exploration. Fiji is a common movie shooting location and there are plenty of tours on offer that will allow you to check out some of these spots. If you are a movie buff or fancy recreating the famous Wilson scene in Castaway, be sure to check out some of these filming location tours.

Dive Into The Clearest Waters

ll the water sports you can think of are available here, with Fiji being a top place for diving and snorkelling. If you have ever wanted to swim with turtles or get your blood pumping with a shark encounter, now might be the time to tick those off your bucket list while you can.

Many people get their diving certifications and get expert coaching while visiting Fiji. The locals are well equipped to help everyone, from novice to seasoned divers, see the diversity and beauty of the sea floor and feel confident doing it. With many tours and cruises available to suit all tastes, groups, and budgets, Fiji proves that under the water is the place to be.


The locals are passionate about sustainability, from utilising good fishing practices to creating eco-resorts, maintaining wildlife sanctuaries, and investing in underwater protection programs. Fiji is promoting sustainability for the long haul by combining science projects funded by ecotourism and traditional techniques used to ensure a stable local food supply.

Famous islands Yasawa and Mamanuca are almost entirely eco-friendly, from solar-powered water heaters and low electricity use to offset the environmental impact of welcoming more and more tourists each year. Don’t think for a moment that island living has to be barebones. The high-quality craftsmanship of local merchants and artisans adds the finishing touches to accommodations to make a stay in these waters magical.

Endless Activities & Possibilities

If you can tear yourself away from the water, Fiji boasts plenty of other outdoor wonders, including two mountains. Mount Tamanivi and Mount Batilamu both offer extensive hiking options with something for all abilities. If those panoramic views don’t wow you enough, a once-in-a-lifetime trek up Fiji’s highest peak, an inactive volcano located north of Viti Levu, rises to 1,324 metres.

Other popular adventures include kayaking or looking to surf the perfect wave. Tavarua Island is ideal for those looking for an active and memorable day. River rafting is another adrenaline-filled option, with tours up and down the Navua river allowing you to explore the tropical highlands in a way not possible by foot; many different tour options are available. 

You can experience everything from leisurely paddling through the jungle, wildlife in their natural habitat, gorges, and even rapids and crossings for the more athletically inclined. 

Make Fiji Your Next Travel Destination

With so many island activities on offer, amazing food to enjoy, beautiful beaches to explore and some stunning accommodations for you to choose from, Fiji is an amazing holiday destination that you are bound to enjoy. Book a little taste of island life for your next holiday and enjoy those certainly good vibes, and good times, in Fiji.