Plant-based meat brand, vEEF®, has just launched two new ranges which are being stocked by selected Woolworths stores nationwide.

With six out of 10 Aussies interested in trying plant-based meat, the demand for vegan alternatives has never been higher. Retailers doubled the amount of plant-based meat on shelves in 2020, putting pressure on brands to innovate or die.

The chef and entrepreneur behind the vEEF® brand, Alejandro Cancino, develops each product himself. “People want to make healthier and more sustainable choices but they don’t want to compromise on taste and texture so we only put out the very best of our innovations,” he said. In addition, Cancino commented that vEEF®‘s platform for making sustainable change grew, as its range increased and large retailers provided opportunity for it to promote the brand.

The latest ranges from vEEF® include a range of ‘pulled’ meat products in pork, beef and lamb flavours. This vEEF® Artisan range is the first mushroom based vegan meat to be produced in Australia and offers consumers a delicious, ready-made solution. Moreover, the innovative company has created something for time-poor families wanting to get a healthy, plant-based meal on the table with minimum-fuss. vEEF® Signature range includes ready-made family favourites like Butter “Chicken”, “Meatloaf” with a BBQ Glaze and “Meatballs” in a Tomato Sauce.

vEEF® was founded in 2018 to encourage the community to move forward to a more sustainable eating habit. Alejandro Cancino, the founder of vEEF® was inspired to develop better quality plant-based meats alternatives as he discovered that the options available were inadequate. In 2020, the brand launched the world’s first certified carbon neutral, plant-based mince, which marked the year of sustainable achievements for the brand.

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