Wandering Cooks has merged from many food businesses to one encompassing one, with the mission of supporting small farmers and producers. They moved in May to 63 Vulture Street, West End, hosting events at the new site, and are open Wednesday to Saturday, 4pm to 10pm.

Wandering Cooks is proud to be a sustainable bar and restaurant. The operators say have built their bar and restaurant menus around supporting local farmers and growers that work with the seasons. This means that they have to be flexible and creative with their menus — which they believe is what it means to be a restaurant and a bar.

The menus at Wandering Cooks are a dance with their farmers and producers, as they work through gluts and crop failures. Their farmers don’t have lemons all year round; sometimes their watermelons are eaten by hordes of ducks. They raise only whole animals. Every dollar spent at Wandering Cooks goes to the passionate people who are working towards a better future: the farmers, producers, artisans, and distributors who are focused on a healthy impact with their end product.

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