Sustainable fashion brand and ethical store, Allthingsfi recently launched in Brisbane, selling stylish clothing and accessories for women to wear to work and of an evening. Allthingsfi was born to create sustainable impacts on local community and society through the ethical supply of lifestyle clothing for women, by women.

The label was the brainchild of Fiona Mehmet who noticed that consumers, particularly the younger generation, were becoming more socially active, and made purchasing decisions not just based on cost or style, but on the ethical reputation of brands. She wanted to develop clothing and accessories that appeal to fashion-conscious buyers, but not at the expense of quality, or ethics. Mehmet hopes to inspire and motivate women to dress for the lifestyle they want instead of the lifestyle they have, to feel empowered by multi facet outfits that they can accomplish anything in.

Working closely with Opportunity International Australia, a not for profit organisation that seeks to empower women and help them to lift themselves out of poverty, sustainably and for the future.  For every purchase, Allthingsfi donate $1 per item to Opportunity International Australia, in the hope of revolutionising the economy through female buying power and open up opportunities for those less fortunate, creating a platform to help drive equality. All collections are sourced from ethical, quality designers so consumers can feel confident that they’re wearing clothes that are made to last, with superior fabrics and attention to detail, while not exploiting those less fortunate in their creation. It is what Mehmet calls ‘conscious style’, a growing movement of shoppers who don’t want to compromise on style for morality, and want to help those who need an extra leg up.

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