The Lonely Planets new release The Family Travel Handbook has everything you need to know to take unforgettable trips with your children.

Filled with practical advice, ideas and inspiration for every type of family, The Family Travel Handbook gives you the lowdown. Tips on amazing travel experiences around the world, planning and enjoying them with your children. This book covers Lonely Planet’s favorite destinations and navigating different forms of transport. To approaching new cuisines and a change in routine, travelers will gain the confidence and know-how to plan family getaways like a pro.

The book’s Australian highlights include South Western Australia as an adventure destination, Brisbane as a top 10 family cultural destination and the Sunshine Coast as a top 5 destination for infants and toddlers. Also featuring are Tasmania in the top 5 destination for multi-generational travel and Canberra’s Questacon in the top 10 science destinations. The Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne has been listed in the top 10 fun ideas list and The Ghan in their ride the rails section. Cylinder beach, Stradbroke Island and Great Barrier Reef feature in the book as well.

“Every day our writers and staffers share tips and recommendations focused on travel with kids,” Lonely Planet says. “Collectively we’ve covered thousands of miles with our children … You name it, we’ve probably done it. Now we’re sharing the knowledge we’ve gained from our experiences with you in this book. Our aim, is to bring together all of our expertise in one useful handbook that you can refer to as much for ideas about exploring the great outdoors close to home as for advice on packing up everything and taking the kids on a round-the-world trip.” From navigating air and train travel to approaching unfamiliar meals and a change in routine, The Family Travel Handbook encourages curiosity, exploration and independence.

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