Family-run mobile food truck Traveller Toast and Tap is serving up a side of nostalgia with a menu of jaffles, kegged non-alcoholic brews and home-made soft drinks.

The travelling homestead hit the road for the first time earlier this year, touring South East Queensland with their menu wrought with simplicity.

Owners Hannah and Rob Munster have combined their diverse range of skills to recreate childhood flavour memories, saying they aim to bring back the childhood innocence through a menu versatile to all tastes.

“Growing up for us meant quick dinners, and snacks were always a variety of Mum’s leftovers, cooked with cheese till golden brown in the magic jaffle maker, and if we were good, served with a bubbly soda stream,” said Hannah.

“This is the experience we wanted to create for our customers, based on our family traditions, new and old.”

The Munsters’ have raised their children in an environment where they were able to pick fresh herbs and vegetables from the garden to create their meals. They therefore take pride in sustainable and ethical practice, using local produce where possible.

“Modern trends and busy lives have caused a lot of harm to our environment, so we know we need to try harder to be green.”

The food truck uses solar power as the predominant source of electricity, and compost is reused where possible. The grey water from The Traveller is used for the garden, and food scraps from cooking feed the family worm farm.

The Traveller also spends a little bit extra to buy paper and biodegradable materials to limit any harm on the environment.

The food truck was custom built from the ground up, with the Munsters’ using their background in graphic design, print and marketing to create a brand they believed in and that people could connect with.

“Our family history and where we come from is very important to us. It is after all our heritage and we want to share that part of ourselves through The Traveller.”

Vegetarian, gluten, dairy and egg free intolerance options are available on request. Check The Traveller’s Facebook page to catch the food truck at its next location.

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