QPAC’s Cremorne Theatre has been transformed into a stylish speakeasy complete with cabaret tables, in-theatre bar, neon lights and smoky atmosphere for the much anticipated Brisbane season of The Kaye Hole starring acclaimed comedian and cabaret icon Reuben Kaye. The opening night audience was in both fits of laughter and in awe of Reuben’s hilarious, scandalous and clever wit. His incredible talent continued to impress with his stunning vocals backed by a live band and the appreciative crowd were also blown away by thrilling supporting performances by some of Brisbane’s best live acts including Tina Del Twist – Cabaret chanteuse, Jacqueline Furey – dance and fire artist, Ashleigh Roper – aerialist and contortionist, Charlie Love – pole dancer, Hope One – beat box artist, and Leah Shelton – performance artist.

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