Performance arts are soaring to new heights with the upcoming Metro Arts 2023 program. “Expect the unexpected,” said CEO and Artistic Director Jo Thomas. “You get the chance to be the first one there.” With performances and exhibitions continuing from January into July, the program aims to support and highlight local contemporary artists from all walks of life.

Performances include dance, spoken word, music — as well as profound and raw expressions of art on women’s issues, mental health, and politics, like SHE (3rd-13th May) and Break (21st to 24th June). Interactive exhibitions such as Be There or Be Square (18th March to 15th April) also gives audiences the opportunity to be part of the art.

The Break, by The Farm & Cecilia Martin event’s Artist in Residence for 2023 is Joshua Taliani, a First Nations Italian performer and artist. As a prominent trailblazer for the BIPOC queer community, his work explores both culture and the queer movement through his choreography and art. Alongside Taliani, Metro Arts has other performances and exhibitions from the members of queer and culturally diverse communities, such as Betwixt (1st to 4th March), Rough, Red & Raw (6th April), and Main Drag (18th March to 15th April).

“Metro Arts is experimental, experiential, inclusive, bold and brave. We are multidisciplinary, we are a bit of everything and we are where starts,” Ms Thomas said. “We are telling the stories of here and now.”

The full program for 2023 and event tickets are both available at the Metro Arts website.

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