The Museum of Brisbane (MoB) will be presenting two new Playshops in March 2023, where grown-ups can play through creativity.

The Kinship Playshop takes place on March 23, with artistic themes of rituality and spritualism. Anyone above the age of 18 — friends, partners, and colleagues can participate — as the Playshop’s goal is to deepen one’s bonds with themselves and with others.

“I believe ceremonies, celebrations, rituals and rites are key ingredients to healthy communities. They teach us to witness something bigger than ourselves and help us feel like we have a place in the world,” UnitePlayPerform host and founder ØFFERINGS said.

Through this Playshop, audiences can experience co-designing a large collaborative shrine with sculptural and artistic custom-designed pieces, such as a hyperreal circular playmat. Participants will be mentored by ØFFERINGS during each session, each with a limited space of 20 people. One should bring along a water bottle, comfortable and colourful clothing, a journal, and a pen. Anyone of any creative ability is welcome.

The Utopia Playshop is being held on March 30, where audiences can experience wearable art. The workshop will guide participants on using artistic elements such as object art, movement, and space in their own forms of self-expression. Anyone can become their own unique self through this Playshop — participants can create their own “spirit skin” utilising soft sculptures and costumes from the Play Move exhibition. One can express themselves through an avatar, a psychedelic creature, and even a plush toy.

Participants are limited to 30 per session. They are encouraged to bring along a water bottle, a journal, a pen, and interestingly enough, a cushion. Tickets are available here.

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