Founder of Snotty Noses Laura Klein has welcomed the winter season by educating families about simple solutions for cold symptoms.

Laura organised a Baby Flash Mob, with more than 50 mothers, babies and toddlers gathering at Brisbane’s South Bank for a quirky two minute dance routine whilst using her signature product –a battery powered Snotty Nasal Aspirator. “Babies and children get between 6-10 colds per year and can’t blow their noses, so the device is a real lifesaver for 1000s of families.” says Laura.

Many of the mothers at the flash mob were former customers and they have been using the aspirator to easily clear their baby or toddler’s nose so they can breathe and sleep better when congested. “I reached out to my beautiful past customers, and they were only too happy to come along, for a bit of fun. Flash mobs are a unique way to get attention for your business or idea, so we thought we’d have a go” said Laura.

The video will now be used on their website and social media channels to promote the benefits of using a nasal aspirator. Laura’s business is based in Brisbane, but delivers parcels anywhere in Australia. “We love helping families all over Australia with the best gadgets for good health and good sleep”.

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