After the huge success of the opening show in December 2020,  Brisbane’s newest and wildest ride of late-night variety entertainment, One Trick Pony Club, is back.

More than your average evening show, One Trick Pony Club skyrockets you into a late-night, spontaneously wild, weird, and wonderful world of unique talents performed by some of our very finest entertainers, across a variety of performing art forms. Audiences get to strap in, dress up, sing loud, dance interpretively, and completely immerse themselves into the acts, including everything from musical talents to sketch comedy, circus, dance, acrobatics, drag, absurd, and everything else in-between… all are welcome in our fabulous club.

One Trick Pony Club: Act 2 will showcase an all-star, award-winning line-up of talent including comedians Kate Wheatley and Chris Martin, multi-award-winning cabaret drag artist, Candy Surprise, jazz talent Yas Queen and Brisbane’s favourite, Blues Arcadia (duo) plus many more. Created and produced by Tony Lathouras and Sarah Ponturo Creative and hosted by Venue Partner, The Tivoli, One Trick Pony Club: Act 2 will be held at What’s Golden on Saturday 6 February.

Creators Tony and Sarah said, “One Trick Pony Club was born out of a strong passion for entertainment and community arts projects and to raise the level of support for our local artists post-Covid. This weird and wonderful show-cross dance party is Brisbane’s chance to come together and celebrate life’s ultimate joy through creative expression.

“We’re offering audiences a welcoming, casual, party atmosphere and joyful celebration, full of surprises. Our audience is invited to stand, sit, share a rug, sing loud, dress up, form new friendships, dance, or all of the above – whatever comes naturally. All positive forms of expression are welcome at our club!”

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