The South Bank Corporation will unveil Flowstate on Monday 29 January, a vibrant, new open-air pavilion and creative playground located in the South Bank Parklands.

The 3000 square metre space will be situated in the heart of South Bank, replacing the Arbour View Café precint.

Dr Catherin Bull AM said the space will provide a tangible demonstration of creative urban recycling in the heart of the precinct.

“Around the world, leading public precincts are constantly evolving, and it is the Corporation’s role to oversee, adapt and transform South Bank so it remains relevant, desirable and exciting both publicly and commercially,” said Dr Bull.

“Flowstate is an ephemeral, interim use that will be in place for 18 months to three years, with an inaugural showcase of artistic experiences free-of-charge to the community.”

Dr Bull said the new interim use continues South Bank’s 25-year legacy as a ‘people’s place’, and will stimulate conversation about city form.

Flowstate will be the South Bank Corporation’s first significant redevelopment of the parklands since the River Quay in 2011.

The design was created by specialist Australian architecture and perform design firm Stukel Stone, and enables three distinctive experiences.

Individuals can unwind in a grassy relaxation zone, enjoy the awe of the immersive digital installation, or be entertained at the vibrant performance pavilion.

Stukel Stone directors Daniel Stukel Beasly and Tobhiyah Stone Feller said, “Flowstate blurs the distinctions between landscape and architecture, theatre and public space.”

“We have provided multiple possibilities in the design for how the site can be used, and are very interested to see how performers, artists and audiences will respond and activate the site in unexpected ways.”

The program of free events will commence from Monday 29 January.

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