True Blue is a short film about an Australian farming family struggling to cope in the face of a crippling drought. Writer and director Bronwyn Bernardin has seen her family struggle with drought and knows how heartbreaking the effects can be.

Suicide rates are higher in rural locations than the general population; after hearing about yet another devastating suicide, Bernardin felt compelled to shed light on the issue. Bernardin said “The heartbreaking reality is that many people have no idea how bad the drought is in Australia, it is our hope that this film can help spread awareness to a wider community, and, with any luck, encourage some to donate if they can.”

While studying for her Bachelor’s Degree in Film and Television at JMC Academy, Bernardin wrote the script for True Blue and intended to make it as her graduate piece in 2017. Things did not go to plan and the project was shelved until early 2019 when Bernardin contacted Brisbane production company VISUL. The script went through vigorous development and in June 2019 principle photography began in Darlington and Rodgers Creek, Queensland.

Now in post-production, the team are attempting to raise funds to cover the costs of the film’s creation with the ambitious goal of also raising enough that they can donate to their partner charities Drought Angels and Need for Feed. “We are making this film to raise awareness about the struggle many in rural Australia are facing and the brutal reality of living during drought.”

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