You Came Again is a vegan tapas bar that offers so much more than what is on the menu.  Opened by Nicola Stone in February this year, the vegan tapas bar has been created as a place for good food, good times, and most importantly- belonging.

Stone explains, “I just wanted to create something that was my home and a place to belong. As one of the human instincts in life is to belong somewhere.” She has ensured this criteria is met continuously throughout the restaurant from the small details of the ‘hall of fame’ wall with multiple smiling polaroids, to the local artists proudly hung on the walls.

Stone has always felt unsettled by the nine to five lifestyle and trapped by societal pressures towards this conformity, however she was also unsure where her life was leading her. It was during a soul searching trip to Japan that she originated the idea of a vegan tapas bar. “I went on a 300 kilometre walk, was supposed to be 500, but I ended the journey and went to Kyoto. I just wanted to drink some wine and beer and let go. Whilst I was walking the streets, I just had the idea for opening a vegan tapas.” After sitting on the idea, Stone knew she had to make this dream into reality.

You Came Again prides itself on catering delicious vegan eats, that all can enjoy. The menu comprises “good food that everyone can eat”. A couple of Stone’s favourites on the menu are lemon popcorn cauliflower bites, vegan meatballs, homemade `bangers’ and mash and desserts ranging from chewy walnut brownies to crispy waffles. The tapas bar also boasts a wide array of cheeky beverages. The menu is always evolving, to ensure exciting and creative food every time.

It was important for Stone to make You Came Again a vegan restaurant that also caters to non-vegans. “It caters for all those who struggle to eat out due to their intolerances and eating preferences. The plan is to keep it fresh and be creative. There’s a lot to be celebrated with vegetables and some really creative concepts that don’t involve meat but have the same taste sensations.” Stone does not support the separation of vegans and meat eaters, and aims for everyone to eat good tasting vegetables without judgement.

Not only will you be tasting the flavour sensations but also a real taste of genuine authenticity. On her search for “good vibes and good energy” Stone has found her home in West End. She always tries to ensure her patrons also experience the genuine connection of community she has found in 4101. “No fake hospitality; I genuinely want to know and care about every person that comes into this store.” Good times, good vibes, good food and good people; what more could you need