Daniel Rothenberg is the head clinician at Scope Chiropractic where they are dedicated to athlete wellbeing and empowering individuals to reach their goals through patient centred care.

Growing up playing soccer and cricket, Rothenberg’s childhood was always full of activity. Finding passion for martial arts in his late teens, his commitment to sport began to spark curiosity surrounding health and performance. Rothenberg completed his Master of Chiropractic at Macquarie University while living on the North Shore in Sydney. Following graduation, he made the move north to Toowoomba and worked as a sports chiropractor as well as sports trainer for both local and regional rugby union clubs.

A heavy weightlifting session in 2013 caused a back injury, with Rothenberg suffering from severe episodes of back pain afterwards. Despite trying all the standard methods of manual treatment in conjunction with pilates and rehabilitation, the injury symptoms recurred. Trying to return to a higher level of training as well as simply working on his clients gave Rothenberg grief. The back pain finally improved and disappeared when he introduced a slow and progressive strength program with kettlebells. This experience sparked the passion to establish Scope and help others with back pain or an injury return to performance. Rothenberg realised the missing link for athletes returning to exercise was inadequate strength training, now a key foundation of Scope. Rothenberg invested in becoming a StrongFirst Kettlebell coach and attended numerous strength, conditioning and rehabilitation courses to improve his clinical skills. However, he wanted to understand the
science behind these concepts and apply it within his practice. Rothenberg recently graduated with a Master of Exercise Science, with a Major in Strength and Conditioning. This education helped build Scope’s unique process of guiding athletes through treatment, rehab and strength coaching.

Rothenberg said the decision to launch Scope in West End was a simple one. “West End has a friendly, active and unique community environment, making it always seem like home.” He said he felt the clinic would complement the healthy and active lifestyle of West End. “Scope aims to reflect its position in West End, taking great pride in creating a friendly, warm environment for the community.” Closely affiliated with numerous local businesses and gyms, the Scope community and business is continuing to thrive.

Rothenberg believes understanding strength and conditioning greatly impacts athlete care and helps to decipher the root cause of injury. “Not only does it provide an in-depth understanding of the pain, it assists in developing practical rehabilitation plans for longevity and performance improvement. Providing clients with a deeper understanding on the science of injury, while developing a personal relationship with athletes and their coaches is a core aspect of the Scope service.” Having a dual Masters of Chiropractic and Exercise Science allows Rothenberg a unique perspective of “understanding injury management and treatment and appropriate rehab and strength training to resolve pain and develop athlete abilities”. It is a perspective that Rothenberg believes any Sports Chiropractor should strive to obtain and apply within their clinic.

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