Queensland has now surpassed New South Wales as the state that is most embracing the new trend of owning personal generators, in case of emergencies.

My Generator has found that generator sales have more than doubled in the sunshine state over the corresponding 12 month period.

My Generator Co-Founder Sean Connolly explains that Queenslanders suffer frequent power outages, due to being prone to cyclones, severe storms, bushfires, and heatwaves.

“It seems residents have resigned themselves to a blackout at some point and understand the benefits of a portable generator and the importance of having power for their family,” said Mr Connolly.

Queensland homeowners have purchased 1235 mobile generators in the past three months, but it is Victorian residents who have had the largest change in understanding why they should own a home generator.

“956 small generators have been sold in the last three months in Victoria compared to just 182 in exactly the same period, 12 months earlier,” said Mr Connolly.

“This clearly shows how anxious Victorians are about losing power and they unfortunately know it will happen sometime over the Summer months.”

Adelaide residents are all too familiar with life without power, and understand the importance of powering mobile phones and fridges in emergency situations.

“Bushfires and unprecedented extreme heatwaves have led to residents becoming more savvy and really looking to be prepared for a period of time without power,” said Mr Connolly.

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